Criteria for Accessibility

Is your business accessible to a person with a disability or special needs? Please consider this opportunity to increase your clientele by adding your accessible business to Proudly Accessible ( Restaurants and tourist attractions are listed free of charge. Accommodation establishments have an option of a numbered listing for free or a full listing at a very small fee.

Listing options Rates Comments
1. Establishment no. x Free listing Commission is charged
2. Hotel name and details Small annual fee Direct contact by guests

We will need a few photographs for verification of your facility. Photographs taken with any digital camera or cell phone will be accepted.

Please contact us at for more details.

Mobility requirements for restaurants and tourist attractions

  • The parking area and pathway to the entrance should be a smooth, hard surface and it is preferable to provide a designated, level parking bay. A surface of gravel or rough cobblestones is not suitable.
  • The entrance should be level or provide a gradual ramp. People in wheelchairs do not like to be lifted or carried up stairs and motorized chairs are too heavy to be lifted.
  • A designated toilet with grab rails should be provided as per the requirements of the National Building regulations when public toilets are available. Restaurants inside a shopping centre should have access to the public toilets. Some leeway will be extended if the toilet facilities are similar to the requirements.
  • Unobstructed passageway to the interior of the restaurant or the majority of a tourist attraction.

Measurements for a public toilet:

  • Size of the room: 1800 x 1700 mm (minimum)
  • Door with suitable locking mechanism opens to the outside
  • Open space next to the WC seat for wheelchair: 800 mm
  • Distance between centre line of WC and the wall: 480 mm
  • Height of WC seat: 470 -480 mm. Extended flush lever.
  • Distance from wall behind the WC to the front of the pan: 690 mm
  • Height of wall and cistern grab rail: 800 mm
  • Distance between WC and basin with a lever tap: 280 mm

Please see the picture for details.

  • Gradient for a ramp:
    Preferred gradient is 1: 15. Minimum gradient is 1: 12.

Mobility requirements for Accommodation

  • The parking area and pathway to the entrance should be a smooth, hard surface and the parking area should be level. A surface of gravel or rough cobblestones is not suitable.
  • The entrance to the establishment and the room should be level or provide a gradual ramp. No stairs are permitted. A removable ramp could be used for 1-2 stairs.
  • The bedroom and bathroom should provide:
    • 1500 mm diameter circular space for maneuvering of a wheelchair.
    • A roll-in shower or a standard bath should be present.
    • It is preferable for the basin to include clear leg space of approximately 700 mm underneath the basin.
    • A clear space of approximately 800 mm should be present at the toilet for approach and transfer.
    • The lounge and dining room should be easily accessible.

Please note that the above requirements are only intended to be a guide for listing on the database of Proudly Accessible ( and should not be seen as a complete list of accessibility criteria. The correct list of mobility criteria for grading by the Tourism Grading Council is available on request.

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